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About the Speakers

Fabio Almeida, PhD, MSW

Dr. Almeida

Dr. Almeida is an assistant professor and researcher in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. His research program focuses on the translation of evidence-based programs and polices into practice applying an evolving systems-approach. Dr. Almeida has used the RE-AIM framework as a planning and evaluation tool in his research over the past 9 years. Currently he is the principal investigator on a 5-year translational grant funded by NIH with the purpose to translate an evidence-based diabetes prevention program into clinical practice using interactive technologies. Dr. Almeida is currently a guest co-editor to a Special Issue edition of the journal "Saude Coletiva" focusing on the RE-AIM framework and its application.

Tania Benedetti, PhD


Tania Benedetti is a professor in the Department of Physical Education, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Her research focuses on physical activity promotion among older adults. Her most recent study, Project "VAMOS", compares the advantages and disadvantages of traditional group-based exercise programs with an evidence-based behavioral change program designed to promote physically active lifestyles among older Brazilians in public health centers.

Danielle Keylla Alencar Cruz, MPH

Brazilian Ministry of Health
Dr. Cruz works for the Brazilian Ministry of Health. She coordinates the Health Promotion branch of the Brazilian Health Surveillance Secretariat. Her work involves development, implementation, and evaluation of policies, programs, and projects related to health promotion in Brazil. Dr Cruz works together with States and Counties to support the local implementation of national initiatives. Using a qualitative research approach, Dr Cruz's research focuses on the evaluation of health policies. She is member of the evaluation steering committee on "Programa Academia da Saúde do Brasil."

Alex A. Florindo, PhD

Dr. Florindo

Dr. Florindo is an associate Professor at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. His research focuses on physical activity epidemiology, with particular interest on its associate factors and interventions of physical activity among people living in low socioeconomic regions in Brazil. He also studies physical activity and people living with HIV/AIDS. He is a consultant for the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the VIGITEL surveillance system. He is a researcher member of the Project "GUIA" (Guide for Community in Latin America). He is a scientific director and editor-in-chief of the Brazilian Society of Physical Activity and Health.

Pedro C. Hallal, PhD

Dr. Hallal

Dr. Hallal is an associate Professor at the Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil. His research focuses on epidemiology of physical activity, public health, and physical activity. His research is funded by the Wellcome Trust, England. Dr. Hallal has a permanent scholarship from the National Research Council of Brazil. He works as a consultant for the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the area of physical activity and health. Dr Hallal's involvement and leadership in the field is highlighted by his contributions as founder partner and current president of the Brazilian Society of Physical Activity and Health, and his work with the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and Physical Activity. Dr. Hallal has more than 250 articles published in peer reviewed journals, and 12 books and book chapters. Recently, Dr. Hallal coordinated a study group which published a special issue of the Lancet (2012) on the epidemiology of physical activity.

Victor Matsudo, MD, PhD


Dr. Matsudo is the scientific director of the physical fitness research center from São Caetano do Sul – CELAFISCS, and also the Chairman of the Agita São Paulo Program. Dr. Matsudo works as a full time professor of Medicine at the University Gama Filho. Dr. Matsudo is a member of the International Consultative Group on Active Living of the World Health Organization and the Vice President of the International Council of Sports Sciences and Physical Education (ICSSPE/CIEPS — UNESCO). Dr. Matsudo has published several papers documenting the experience of physical activity promotion in Latin America and the experience of "Agita Mundo."

Michael Pratt, MD, MSPE, MPH

Dr. Pratt

Dr. Pratt is the Chief of the Physical Activity and Health Branch at CDC, co-leads CDC's World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Physical Activity and Health, and is the founder and director of the CDC - IUHPE Course on Physical Activity and Public Health. Dr. Pratt's research interests include increasing global public health capacity for chronic disease prevention, environmental and policy approaches to increasing participation in physical activity, the costs of inactivity and cost effectiveness of physical activity interventions, physical activity epidemiology, and physical activity counseling by health professionals. He has published more than 100 scientific articles and spoken widely on chronic disease prevention and the health aspects of physical activity.

Rodrigo S. Reis, PhD

Dr. Reis

Dr. Reis is a professor and researcher at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana and the Federal University of Parana, in Curitiba, Brazil. His research focuses on physical activity and health, with particular interest in interventions, physical activity correlates with emphasis on the built environment and physical activity surveillance. His policy and research experience includes working as consultant for the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the development and monitoring of the National Plan for Combating Non Communicable Diseases in Brazil, and being involved in international projects, such as Project GUIA (Guide for Community in Latin America), IPEN Network (International Physical Activity and Environment Network) and CDC physical activity courses in Latin America. Dr. Reis is also a founder member and the current vice-president of the Brazilian Society for Physical Activity and Health.

Jeffer Sasaki


Jeffer Eidi Sasaki is a doctoral student in the department of Kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is currently working on the development and application of machine-learning algorithms for classifying activity type and intensity based on accelerometer data in older adults. Over the past 4 years, Jeffer has been under the mentorship of Dr. Patty Freedson and has accumulated experience in calibration and development of methods to classify physical activity from accelerometer-based activity monitors.

Jesus Soares, MSc, ScD

Dr. Soares is a behavioral scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity, Physical Activity and Health Branch. He has a background in exercise science, neuroscience and physical activity and public health. Dr. Soares has been involved in major CDC projects in US such as the 2008 US Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and the Healthy Brain Initiative — A National Public Health Road Map to Maintaining Cognitive Health.

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